Gergely Lesku
Head of business development, OT Consultant
Are Humans of a SOC still important?
Spoiler: More than ever before
As the technology we use is getting more sophisticated, the advantage of adversaries is still huge, it is crucial that trained and motivated – and enough experts are available.

It’s true, but how can you achieve this target?

In the second part of this series we explain the importance of our cybersecurity workforce, we give hints for the recruitment, tips how to personalize a career plan, creating metrics and provide feedbacks. 
SOCWISE builds on a practice-oriented experience where efficiency and effectivity are the main focus areas. We believe in partnerships and knowledge sharing. This is why we brought WISE Academy to life, where we will present you our philosophy about cyber defense and response work.
1. Actual status of security workforce market, challenges, trends, news
2. Hints for recruitment
3. After-recruitment assessment and onboarding
4. Personalized career plan design:   
     •    differentiated training plan         
     •    aligned motivation system        
     •    possible career steps         
     •    work environment specialties
5. Metrics, feedbacks
6. Bad and good examples
Gergely has 20 years of experience in the IT system integration area, including cybersecurity aspects. Formerly lead smart city program, industry 4.0 development program and also a startup. Understanding organizational performance and finding the most effective operation describes mostly his value-add.
Here’s what we provide in this lecture:

Join WISE Academy series if you would like to become familiar with the whole methodology. 
With the below-listed subjects in our next planned session, your knowledge may become even more complete:

• SOC system implementation
• Contents - process design and implementation
• System and organization testing and evaluation

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